Hiring consultants who specialise in space design can add significant value to a number of businesses. It provides the opportunity to customise your office space to meet the needs of your staff and your business.  Here is an overview of the role of a Space Planner. We look at how their unique skillset can help your business thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

So, What Exactly Does a Space Planner Do?

Essentially, a Space Planner will research a location in-depth and consider its intended use. They will then prepare a comprehensive plan that determines the best use of that space to meet the client brief. Take an underutilised space, for example. A Space Planner can transform it into a highly functional zone that is truly fit for purpose.

Space Planners typically have a diverse client base and work on a broad range of space planning needs.   This means that Space Planners have a wealth of experience and a skill set that reflects this. Projects can range from smaller-scale home renovation projects, through to the complete redesign of office space for large multi-national corporations.  Space Planners adapt their skills in a unique way to meet the expectations and needs of each individual project.

The Role

As every project is different, Space Consultants need to be flexible, adaptable and highly creative. During an initial meeting with the client, a Space Planner will work to determine:

  • the parameters and objectives for the project
  • the square footage of the space
  • how many people are likely to use the space
  • whether there are any set requirements – such as  furniture, equipment, fixtures and/or fittings – to ensure that the space meets its full potential

To complete the project as effectively as possible, most space planners will utilise computer-aided design (CAD) software. This gives you the opportunity to visualise how your space could look. Space Planners typically require your full approval before the work commences.  If the proposed layout does not fully meet your needs in any given area, space planners will work closely with you to provide alternative solutions.

Once you have given the go-ahead, your consultant will present you with progress reports on a regular basis. You ultimately oversee any changes made to your workspace. Given that you will be kept in the loop every step of the way, you can be confident that the alterations that are being made to the space will be in line with your expectations.

The Value of Hiring an Expert for Your Business

A poorly designed office space can often lead to higher running costs, alongside reduced staff productivity and team morale. Space planning is widely considered to be a fundamental aspect of effective interior design. It is likely that you need your space to work hard for your business in a variety of different ways, so this process requires very specific expertise.

A group taking a collaborative approach to space planning

In addition to thinking carefully about what you need your space to do, it is essential to consider:

  • the structure of the space
  • its natural primary focal points
  • the ways in which traffic will flow most efficiently throughout the space
  • how to arrange furniture, fixtures and fittings in the most appropriate and proportional way

Additionally, the best space planners will focus on how to establish an appropriate ambience that suits both the space itself and your business as a whole. Balance and consistency are essential. Having a Space Planner who understands how to ask the right questions will help you to create a space that works for you.

With an in-depth understanding as to how to bring your space to life, your Space Planner will show you how you will be able to utilise and interact with your new space effectively. This step by step process should give you the confidence that you are making the right decisions for your work space and your business.


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