Sarah may hold the unique position of being our advanced scuba-diver/qualified florist/senior recruiter. She is a much-loved member of the Talent Locker team and not just because she keeps us topped up with home-made energy balls from her mum (but that definitely helps).

Sarah also loves to travel and has been to nearly every continent, meaning she has lots of stories from her travels. For example, when visiting Machu Pichu, Sarah was chased by an otherwise shy llama that only wanted her packet of crisps! If only she had abided by the ‘no food allowed’ rule!

Sarah lists her key achievements in life as:

1 – She once climbed 3 volcanoes, 2 of which were live, in 48 hours. All in the name of charity, as she also managed to raise a whopping £7500

2 – Dived with turtles, barracudas and reef sharks in Borneo

3 – Has visited 34 countries inc. Guatemala, Puru and Vietnam

Sarah is our Senior ERP Consultant and predominantly focuses on specialist contractor vacancies. If you’re looking for your next project or want her help to find outstanding candidates to help you with yours, contact Sarah today.

Blogs I’ve Written Recently

03/2019 – The Rise in Netsuite for SMEs

Industry Research

07/2019 – Programme Manager Pay Report 2019


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