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Returning to the Workplace


Author: Matt Rickett
Lead Recruitment Consultant, Co-working and Workspace


When I scribed my last blog at the beginning of the year, I could never have predicted just how much both the world of work and living would change in just a few short months.

Like several colleagues, friends, and industry contacts, I was furloughed in March and returned to work only last week.

Since my return, I have engaged in conversations with various stakeholders in the world of flex, from owners, operators, brokers, investors, as well as site based staff. This was mainly to gauge opinions on the future of the workplace and what people see as the ‘new normal’ post COVID-19.

We have all faced challenges during this time, both professionally and personally, and I must say one of the aspects I was personally concerned about was:

‘Am I ready to go back to my desk in the office?’

When I was told that I would no longer be furloughed and was able to return to the workplace, I was a little apprehensive. However, after the initial trepidation about safety and wellbeing, I could not wait to get back to work.

I have missed the buzz of a busy salesfloor and workspace, I’ve missed my two-screen setup and comfortable chair, but mostly it’s the human interaction with my colleagues that I have been craving during furlough. There was only so much zoom and teams I could do in a day!!

Our directors made the office as safe as possible, and the effort has not gone unnoticed by all returning staff. I personally feel safe in my workplace, because I feel reassured that my colleagues and managers are taking every step to make sure we all feel welcomed back, and have the tools to be productive. I am pleased to be back in the place where I am most focused and productive.

A few of the measures that have been undertaken include:

  • Rearranging our desks
  • Cleaning and sanitizing workspaces and equipment
  • Increasing foliage and green spaces around the space
  • Encouragement to eat lunch outside, and not conduct our meetings or office banter around the coffee machine have all been well received.

These steps may be simple, but they are ones that have been both well received, and effective for creating a reassuring work space.

Be kind and considerate to your colleagues, your communities, and understand that everyone has their own opinion on the ‘new normal.’

We must respect that everyone wants to go back to work safely, wherever that may be.

Not everyone can or wants to work from home forever!! Myself Included.

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