We can’t tell if Matt is a bigger fan of extravagant chilli/spice products or Southampton Football Club. Matt has been a huge Southampton fan since the days at The Dell, having held a season ticket every year for over 25 years.

A new contender for Matt’s attention is fine Scotch Whisky. Whilst he’s mainly a casual drinker, he does keep an eye out for opportunities to buy rare bottles from the Lowlands or Islay regions.

The perfect weekend for Matt would be toasting a Saints victory with a lamb vindaloo and a wee dram of Scotland’s finest!!

Matt lists his key achievements in life as:

1 – Has raised several £000’s for charity over the years. Including walking 65km in 16 hours and losing 4 toenails in the process

2 – Has recruited candidates in over 20 countries (so far)

3 – Boasts a collection of over 50 pairs of rare and collectable Jordan and Nike trainers.

Matt is our Senior CoWorking Consultant and is part of the Workspace and Real Estate team at Talent Locker.

Blogs I’ve Written Recently

06/2019 – Why Are Coworking Spaces Moving Out of Town Centres

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