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Lockdown Reflections

Talent Locker - Sarah Moody


Author: Sarah Moody
Lead Recruitment Consultant, Microsoft Dynamics



It has been a challenging month so far; we can’t deny that. But it has also provided time for reflection – what we’re grateful for, who we miss, and what we might change when we come out the other side of this lockdown, both in our personal and our business lives!

My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones, who are fighting on the front line for the NHS, and to all those who are financially suffering as a result of this pandemic.

I am forever grateful for my health and wellbeing, and to still have the opportunity to work. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to continue my role as best as I can from home. I even find myself with a bit more time to concentrate on the things I usually neglect, like writing blogs for my followers!

What do I miss the most about work?

Being forced into isolation due to COVID19 has made me realise just how much I enjoy my place of work, and work colleagues (honestly!). I do enjoy working from home, I find that in my own working space I can really get stuck into the task at hand and not be distracted by things like the communal tea spinner! That said, I do miss the banter and the fun that keeps an office job alive! I wouldn’t go as far as saying I miss Matt kicking me under the desk every 5 minutes with his 6”4 legs, but I do miss the morale, the naughty mid-week Dominos deliveries with Daryl and James and the office yoga with Savvy Yoga.

Talent Locker Team

This time to reflect has inspired me to ask my network to do the same. So, I’ll be sharing what I miss the most about work on my LinkedIn profile and will be tagging three people in to do the same.

Staying Motivated during Lockdown

Lockdown Reflections: Run

I’ve been trying hard to keep myself motivated and healthy during lunch time – including running at lunch! I have always loved to run, and I feel it’s essential for mental wellbeing at this time. If you haven’t tried running yet – give it a go. It regulates your breathing and makes you present, as well as breaking up the day and getting you out in the fresh air – plus you get a huge buzz after, so you can come back to your desk refreshed and revived! I am always open to inspiration, too – so if you have tips on staying motivated, let me know! I also like to stand out in the garden and close my eyes for just 5 minutes. I live in a busy-ish area under a flight path and with a train line at the bottom of the garden – so at the moment while everything is quiet and still, it is lovely to listen to the birds and enjoy the sunshine!

My Lockdown Soundtrack

I like to play dance tunes to pick me up! Fisher is my absolute fave at the moment. What tunes are you listening to while working out at the moment?


My Talent Locker Journey

Before joining Talent Locker, I had been in a few different recruitment roles, each of which have taught me a huge amount. In 2016, I was convinced that recruitment wasn’t for me anymore and trained to be a wedding florist – I even ran my own business for a couple of years and I won’t lie… it was tough! During that time, my step-brother Mark had started working for Talent Locker, and arranged for me to do some administrative work on the side, as the floristry wasn’t exactly bringing in the big bucks! In no time at all I found myself naturally going after leads and getting back into the swing of things. I realised that it wasn’t recruitment that I disliked, it was more the environment in which I found myself in.

As recruiters, we are passionate about ensuring our candidates are placed in roles they genuinely love. It’s not just a talent match on paper that we look for – it’s the soft skills, fit within the immediate team and symmetries between the company culture and the individual’s beliefs and values.

If this time of reflection has resulted in you establishing that your current role isn’t right for you, please reach out to us. Take a look at our current vacancies and apply online, or get in touch with us to chat about how you’d like your future to look once we are out of lockdown.

For me, it is the people of Talent Locker that I enjoy the most. The supportive culture, and the feeling that we are all friends as well as work colleagues. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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