Daryl is affectionately nicknamed Dwollers in the Talent Locker office. The team reference it at every opportunity, which has lead to ‘I need a Dwollar’ – Aloe Blacc, ice Dwollies and Bank Dwollidays in his honour.

He recently lost a bet (albeit marginally) that resulted in him having to eat three scotch bonnets (very hot chillis). Despite all the build-up he, almost apologetically, appeared to handle it as though he’d just had a surprisingly mild tikka masala. Although he may have been putting on a brave face, as he did eat through multiple ice dwollies and a whole pack of Rollo Desserts that afternoon!

Daryl lists his key achievements as:

  1. A semi professional footballer who describes himself as a ball-playing centre half
  2. Once played against Brighton and Hove Albion at the Amex Stadium
  3. A handicap of 11 – which is why he goes last at the Improbable Challenge office golf putting game

Daryl is our Workplace Strategy specialist and works in our Workplace and Retail Strategy team.

Blogs I’ve Written Recently

07/2019 – Should I Become: A Moves and Changes Consultant


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