Dan is our marketing manager and is responsible for introducing the weekly ‘Improbable Challenge’ to the office. Which means that every Friday afternoon he has us putting golf balls one handed after having been spun around 3 times and other similar nonsense.

When he isn’t geeking out about some new marketing toy or reading sooooo many books, he enjoys making poorly put together memes of the team as part of our internal marketing updates.

Dan works part time at Talent Locker so that he can spend the additional days as a stay at home dad to 2 year old PJ.

Dan lists his key achievements as:

  1. As a teenager Dan reached one off black belt in Taekwondo before giving it up completely and never trying again.
  2. Scored the winning goal for Farnborough Town Youth against the team who were second in the league. A result which won the league that year.
  3. Managed to sell over $6,500 of transgender clothing for a former client through just 7 posts on Quora.

Dan is our Marketing Manager at The Talent Locker.

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