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Workplace specialists are increasingly in demand as companies around the world, particularly in Europe and North America, are embracing new ways of working. The widely accepted definition of work and what it means to go to work is changing and so The Talent Locker have built a team of experienced recruiters to help clients in this strong but growing market.

Our team have experience of sourcing candidates for marketing leading consultancies through to small architectural firms. The Talent Locker team understand the importance of designing a workplace that brings the best out of your employees and optimises the use of the available resources to your business.

“I would highly recommend anyone looking for roles in workplace change or occupancy planning to take a look at Talent Locker. I found Talent Locker to be very attentive, working closely with me to find appropriate and interesting opportunities. They kept me informed on progress with applications and stayed in touch after they secured a role for me.”

Anne Wilson – Workplace Change Consultant

Our delivery capability covers:

  • ttlbg Workplace Consulting
  • ttlbg Workplace Change Management
  • ttlbg Workplace Strategy
  • ttlbg Workplace Design
  • ttlbg Real Estate Strategy
    • ttlbg Senior Workplace Appointments (Head of / Director / Lead)
    • ttlbg Space / Occupancy Planning (AutoCAD, CAFM, 2D / 3D)
    • ttlbg Moves and Changes
    • ttlbg Space Strategy
    • ttlbg Relocation Project Management


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