What Did I learn?

Whilst on working experience I have learnt a wide range of variety of things I will take away from this and take back to school and use it for my GCSE’s

A business analyst is someone who analyses an organization or business domain and documents its business or processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology.

The skills that a business analyst has is that they:

  • Communication Skills. Business analysts must be good communicators.
  • Problem-Solving Skills. No project is without problems.
  • Critical Thinking Skills. Business analysts are responsible for evaluating multiple options…
  • Documentation and Specification Skills.
  • On a permanent contract a business analyst earns around £52,000 a year and a business analyst on contract earns around £500 – £590 a day

Whilst on work experience I also learnt what a scrum master is. It is someone who runs a group of developers and the scrum master checks on the activities that the developers are doing daily so they can check that the developers are doing their job correctly. To do this I worked with Mark and I learnt how to do this when I tuned into calls and helped him pick out the right clients who have a good background and experience of being a scrum master in their previous jobs.

I also learnt how to do graphic design with Dan who helped me produce posters and adverts for the website and to attract people off social media to come and visit the company’s website.

I also made some designs for advertising for the website and the company’s social media pages.

What did I enjoy most?

I enjoyed a lot of things whilst being on work experience but the main bits that I enjoyed were:

The main highlight of my work experience was when was working with mark when I was listening into calls so he could potentially put the client up for a meeting with the employer.

What Would I Change About Talent Locker?

I would have liked to have been able to take part in more activities during my time at Talent Locker on work experience. I would change it by:

  • allowing me to work on more activities
  • setting up the opportunity to work with more people in the office

Then I could have seen more of the business and seen what they all do on a day to day basis.

What Will I Take Away From These 2 Weeks?

The things that I will take away from the 2 weeks that I have been at the Talent Locker are:

  • that I can compare a good candidate to a bad candidate – Mark taught me how he does this and what to look out for
  • how to design documents and post certain things on social media
  • I have also learnt the key differences between a contract role and a permanent role.

Overall, I have enjoyed my work experience, however I’d have liked the opportunity to see more of the business and work with more of the recruiters. I now know that some of the less interesting tasks are valuable and why, but I would rather spend the time seeing more of the business and how it works.

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